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November 9, 2008

Dear Friends,

I have endeavored to be transparent in these weekly messages, because it’s the revelation gained from my daily time with God and what He reveals to me, that is ‘the joy’ produced from these letters. God’s revelations deal with aspects of perfecting me, because I am (like I am sure most of you) hungry for God’s best. The fullness of God only comes when we are made ”perfect” (when we are made complete) in Him.

This past week the Lord gave me a startling revelation about myself. I am going to open up myself honestly and reveal to you a revelation I received; that I believe will bless you and bring you to a higher level with God:

For you to walk in God’s best, to walk in the fullness of God, you need to trust God in every area of your life. Now, I know many are saying, “Dr. Will, that is a basic understanding, and I believe the Word of God, and I confess it, and believe to receive it.” Okay, I believe you; but that is not my point – because, most likely, you are trusting in God’s Word and trusting God, in a measure. But the Lord showed me: To walk fully in the Blessing and God’s perfect Will, I needed to trust and depend upon Him in every little corner of my life; and that I was holding on to an area of my life that was previous hidden from me. It startled me to find out there was one major area I did not trust God – my happiness!

It states in Proverbs 20:27 (New Living Translation), “The LORD’s light penetrates the human spirit, exposing every hidden motive.”  The Holy Spirit searches out those hidden rooms of your heart that you have locked; and unlocks the door, shines a light and brings a fresh (Holy Spirt) breeze to clean it out!

I have always trusted the Lord (well, I guess I thought I did): I believed that Jesus died for my sins and that I am redeemed from the curse; that I can believe God’s Word and walk in His blessings; that Jesus was “the way”. But God revealed to me that when it came to my happiness, I had a tendency to veer off and take greater control of my life. I was both disappointed with myself and thankful to have found this missing ‘ingredient’ for walking in the fullness of God. I don’t want to belabor the point, but this has been a stronghold in my life, born out of a troubled, abused and unloved past. The Lord revealed that happiness has always eluded me; and because I experienced so little happiness much of my formative life, that it produced a bondage of “trying to make happiness happen” in my life; which only resulted in more unhappiness and failure. (Am I being too honest? Well, it’s not I who lives, but Christ who lives in me!)

The Lord spoke to me this week and said -”Son, you have trusted Me in many areas, but not in every area. When it comes to your happiness, you have tried to control your environment to produce your own happiness. It has been a deep seated bondage of self-preservation which was born of good intentions. But in reality, it has held back My hand to fully bless you, and for you to walk in My perfect plan for your life. Indeed, it has caused you to veer off My path throughout your life.; which has ended up costing you and only bringing you pain and loss. Yes, even while you have grown in knowing, believing and confessing My Word!”

Then the Lord brought me to the well-known verse of Luke 17:33, “Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it.”; and I did a Word study on the verse. Firstly, I looked at the word “lose”, and its definition in the original Greek means “to bring to naught, render void the wisdom of the wise”.  I was ‘losing’ a portion of my redeemed life, ‘rendering void’ in a measure the Blessing of God. Then I looked at the word “preserve” in the original Greek, and found it to mean “to give life to living creatures, make alive”. In another version of the verse the word  “save” is used, which in the original Greek means “make whole”; and in another version the word “find” is used, which means “to find without seeking, meet with, light upon”. I started to get a revelation which seems simple enough but profound – we must trust God with our whole life if we want to walk in the fullness of God. Any part that you keep control of, is a hindrance and a limitation upon God’s ability to fully manifest the fullness of His Blessing into your life. By my holding on to an area of life (although meaning well), it made the Blessing of God void in my life in direct proportion to the level of my trying to create my own ‘environment of happiness’. This bondage was blocking (“blinding”) God’s wisdom from making me wise – the divine wisdom of God that could produce the fullness of God in my life!

Once again the truth of God’s Word became apparent to me: God has given us everything in life; every Blessing has been preordained and available. But it’s our choice whether we walk in The Blessing of God or not; or the measure of the Fullness of God we possses!

As for my happiness: The revelation came when the Lord spoke to me and said, “Son, what would make you happy?” And I answered, “What would make me happy Lord, is completing your divine Will and making an impact in life, and walking in fulfillment”; and immediately the Lord responded, “And if you were not walking fully in those things you wouldn’t be happy…? His Words just hung there, and I saw immediately that I was setting myself up for failure everytime: Satan had me running on an unending track of unhappiness because I was never content with where I was in life. The Spirit of God shined light on darkness: It’s my choice to to be happy in life because happiness is already mine – God loves me and has a great plan for my life; and Jesus paid the price for my happiness: I am happy because the Word of God states in Psalms 144:15, “…yea, happy is that people, whose God is the LORD.”  Psalms 146:5 states, “Happy is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is in the LORD his God:”  Proverbs 3:13 states, “Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding.”  Ever since God shined Holy Ghost light on a major (I believe the biggest hindrance) of my walking in the fullness of the Blessing, I have been full of praise and joy; and I feel as if a long-possessed yoke and hindrance has lifted off of me (my spirit feels so light)- Praise the Lord!. I am expectant, full of faith, hope and love: fully trusting God in every area of life – including my happiness!

What about you? Are you fully trusting God in every area of life; or are there areas that you are still holding on to? I am not talking about your walking in sin; but is there an area of life that you still hold tightly to? It may be born of a hurt past – a wounded spirit tries to protect itself; and clinging on to hurt areas of life comes from a misguided belief in self-preservation! But if you will lose your life totally to Jesus – give him every area, every hurt, every inability and inferiority - you will open the door for the fullness of the Blessing!

Get serious with yourself; and spend some extra time with God this week and ask the Holy Spirit to shine light on the dark areas of your life: If you will ask in faith, He will reveal them – Remember the Holy Spirit is our Helper in life!  God wants you to walk in the fullness of His Blessing more than you want it – God is love. Trust God with every area of your life. Lose all of your life to Jesus, and just watch God’s Blessings flow!

Be blessed and full of Joy -

Dr. Will

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